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Mr. Kraft

Mr. Kraft | Middle School Physical Education

Mr. Robidoux

Mr. Robidoux | High School Spanish

Mrs. Erickson

Mrs. Erickson | K-12 School Counselor

Mrs. Bauman

Mrs. Bauman | 4th Grade

I love working at Falls City Public Schools because it's always a new, exciting experience working with the kids. Since I see every student in my building every day, students feel comfortable interacting with me and telling me more about what's going on in their lives. This is the community that I grew up in and it's one of the most amazing places in terms of how much the businesses and community members support our students, extra-curricular programs, and come together when someone is in need.

I appreciate the strong support from all levels of administration at Falls City Public Schools.  I have every resource that I need to help our students learn.  And, I am super thankful for the wonderful students who bless us every day with their kindness, respect, cooperation, and solid work ethic.  These students are growing into the leaders and workers that we need in our local community.  !Somos Tigres y Somos Familia!  We are Tigers, and We Are Family!

I am a Falls City Public School alumna. While pursuing my undergraduate and graduate degrees and eventually starting my career in school counseling in Missouri, I knew my end goal was to work for FCPS. I wanted a district that was small enough that I could truly know all of my students and a community where I felt safe and supported.

One of the biggest benefits about teaching here is the relationships we are able to create and build on with our students. We live in a small town so I think that it's important when they see us in public and we are all able to see each other out of the classroom. My favorite place to see students is at the activities. They get to see the pride we have for our school and community.

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Website:  www.fctigers.org
E-mail: theckenlively@fallscityps.org
Phone: 402-245-2825
Fax: 402-245-2022

Falls City Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, marital status, disability, or age in admission or access to, or treatment of employment, in its programs and activities. The superintendent has been designated to handle inquiries regarding complaints, grievance procedures, or the application of these policies of nondiscrimination.