Scholarship Opportunities

Read each scholarship opportunity that is posted. If you meet the criteria, download the forms from the included website links. Stop by the counseling office if you have any questions about all that is posted here. Above all....MEET THE DEADLINES!


5 Elks National, State & Local Scholarships: Most Valuable Student, Legacy Award, Past Exalted Ruler's, Golf & Vocational Scholarships

For Applications & Information to the following 5 scholarships, go to:


Scholarships are available only to students who enroll in four-year undergraduate degree programs at accredited U.S. American colleges or universities. It is acceptable for a student to enroll in a two-year college for the first two years of the four-year program. An independent selection committee will evaluate the applications and select the recipients considering:

  • Leadership

  • Academic achievements and records

  • Community involvement

  • Financial need

 DEADLINE: One site says: Online Submission deadline date November 15

For the 2023 contest, any child or grandchild (or step-child, step-grandchild, or legal ward) of a living Elk who joined the order on or before April 1, 2020, or a charter member of a Lodge that was instituted on or after April 1, 2020, is eligible to apply. This can only be completed online

DEADLINE: Online Submission: FEBRUARY 6

Application can be found at this site:

Six one time grants are awarded (3 boy 3 girl) in the amount of $1250 for the first place, $1000 for second place, and $800 for third place winners at the state level. These are open to high school seniors. Applications may be copied, the application must be filled in completely, and the basic emphasis in judging will be on NEED. Applications must be received at a Nebraska Elks Lodge by February 15th.

 1. Open to any high school senior.
2. The application blank must be filled out completely with all blanks filled in. All other information must be attached to the application.
4. No restrictions on the type of school you will attend; I.e., may be Beauty School, Community College, Trade School, 2 or 4 year college.
5. Limited to one boy and one girl application from each lodge. In other words, each lodge may receive several entries, but must select one each to be submitted to State PER Scholarship Committee for pre-judging.
6. The enclosed application blanks will be the only ones judged. All previous forms are null and void.
8. Students may apply to only ONE Elks Lodge.
9. All applications should be returned to the local Lodge by February 15th for judging

 DEADLINE: Your completed application must be turned in to your local Elks Lodge member, Roger Lampe, by FEBRUARY 15

1. Complete the application blank in full. Must be signed and dated.
2. Must be a participant in high school golf and plan to participate in a college golf program.
3. May attend either a two or four year college.
4. Be certain that the Exalted Ruler has signed the application.
5. Limited to one applicant from each lodge. Each Lodge may receive several applications, but must select the best one to be submitted. All applications must be submitted to the Lodge or Roger Lampe by February 1 for judging.

Application can be found at this site:

 DEADLINE: Your completed application must be turned in to your local Elks Lodge no later than February 1  OR take it to Roger Lampe by February 15


This scholarship is intended to support high school seniors who wish to pursue 2-year vocational studies at a community college or other 2-year programs. This is a competitive, need-based, assistance scholarship.

Applicant must be: • High School Senior graduating from a Nebraska High School • Intending to study a vocational program after high school graduation • United States Citizen at the time of application.

 Application can be found at this site:

DEADLINE: Postmarked by February 15 RETURN ALL MATERIALS TO: Dr. Candace Walton, Nebraska Scholarship Chair, 4019 Cannon Road, Grand Island, Nebraska 68803

Horatio Alger

Horatio Alger Association Scholarships: 4 types of scholarships

State Scholarships, Career & Technical Scholarships, Targeted Scholarships & National Scholarships

 As one of the nation's largest need-based college scholarship programs, the Horatio Alger Scholarship Programs specifically assist high school students who have faced and overcome great obstacles in their young lives. While many programs are directed primarily to recognizing academic achievement or leadership potential, the Horatio Alger Association seeks students who have exhibited determination, integrity, and perseverance in overcoming adversity, as well as have critical financial need. The State & National Scholarships are for high school juniors who meet the eligibility criteria.

For Applications & Information on the 4 types of scholarships, go to: Horatio Alger Scholarships


Hagan Scholarship Foundation

Purpose of the Scholarship

The Purpose of the Hagan Scholarship is to provide each recipient with the opportunity to obtain a four-year college education and graduate debt-free. The Free Workshops, Schwab Brokerage Accounts and Study Abroad provide recipients with a practical understanding of important life skills not typically covered in the school curriculum.

2022-2023 Eligibility Requirements

1. Must be a U.S. Citizen.
2. Must attend an 
Eligible Public High School.
3. Must have achieved a 3.50 Cumulative Grade Point Average.
4. Must enroll at an Eligible Four-Year College or University the first semester following high school graduation.
5. Must maintain a four year or less graduation schedule in college.
6. Must work 240 hours each year, from January 1 until commencement of the fall semester in college. Employment must be regularly scheduled work performed under supervision for compensation.
7. Applicant’s Adjusted Gross Household Income reported for Federal Income Tax Purposes must not exceed $85,000.
8. Must provide a complete copy of the FAFSA SAR showing the EFC.
9. Must apply for Federal and State grants if eligible.
10. Must not have a felony conviction.

The intended recipient of a Hagan Scholarship is a high-achieving goal-driven student having a genuine financial need in order to attend college.

If you meet the eligibility requirements you should apply for a scholarship. The award of a Hagan Scholarship has been life-changing for many recipients.

Application Deadline December 1, 2022

The application can be found at this site: Hagan Scholarship Application


Nebraska residents, those attending school in Nebraska, or those interested in a career in poultry-based in Nebraska are encouraged to apply for the 2023-2024 

Nebraska Poultry Education Scholarship

Nebraska residents, those attending school in Nebraska, or those interested in a career in poultry-based in Nebraska are encouraged to apply for the 2023-2024 Nebraska Poultry Education Scholarship. 

A total of eight $1,000 scholarships may be awarded for the 2023-2024 academic year. The eight scholarships are awarded based on college credit hours completed (0-26 Freshman, 27-52 Sophomore, 53-88 Junior, 89 or more Senior, Bachelor’s Degree as of June 2023 Post-Grad). Read and follow the instructions carefully prior to submitting your application.

If awarded, the scholarship will be awarded directly to the educational institution. Applicants and winners are encouraged to apply each year and can be awarded the scholarship multiple times but not totaling more than $1,000 per academic year. Winners are required to attend the Nebraska Poultry Industries conference on March 15, 2023 to be presented the scholarship. Non-traditional students are encouraged to apply.

Application Link: Nebraska Poultry Education

Application Deadline - January 13, 2023


J.H. & J.W. Claybaugh Memorial Scholarship-NE Poultry

The J.H. & J.W. Claybaugh Memorial Scholarship began in 2022 with a $5,000 donation from William Claybaugh in the remembrance of his Grandfather Joseph H. Claybaugh and Father Joe W. Claybaugh. Both men have been instrumental in the poultry industry.

Two $2,500 scholarships will be awarded.

Application Link:J.H. & J.W. Claybaugh Memorial Scholarship

Winners are required to attend the Nebraska Poultry Industries conference on March 15, 2023 to be presented the scholarship. Non-traditional students are encouraged to apply.

Application Deadline - January 13, 2023


Grow Ag Leaders Scholarship/Bayer Fund. $1,500 scholarships available now through January 12.

Bayer Fund is excited to once again partner with National FFA to offer ag students the opportunity to receive a $1,500 Grow Ag Leaders scholarship. High school seniors through college juniors pursuing any ag-related field of study at a trade school, community college, or four-year college or university can apply now through January 12, 2023.

Program Details:

·       Visit for more information and official rules

·       Apply online at 

·       Applications accepted through January 12, 2023    

·       Receive endorsements from two farmers by January 19, 2023

·       More than 350 scholarships are awarded to students across the country

If you plan on pursuing a higher education in agriculture, apply for this scholarship opportunity!

Students do not need to be FFA members to apply or receive this scholarship.


Nebraska Trucking Foundation

Please complete the Nebraska Trucking Foundation Truck Driving (CDL) and/or Diesel Technology Scholarship Form.  

    Please see the link below. This opportunity is for individuals that are interested in Professional Truck Driving as a future career. The NTA’s scholarship does cover the entire cost of the classes.

These scholarships will be awarded to the best candidate(s) by the Foundation's Board of Directors. Applicants must be enrolled at one of the following schools:

Central Community College, Metropolitan Community College, Mid-Plains Community College, Northeast Community CollegeSoutheast Community College, Western Nebraska Community College

Please fill out the online form in the link above. You'll be asked to submit a 100-200 word essay: Why should I get a Nebraska Trucking Foundation Scholarship (strengths, career aspirations, etc) and you'll need to attach your resume

Questions? Contact April Tilden - or 402-476-8504 ext. 109.

Southeast NE Retired

Southeast Nebraska Association of Retired School Personnel       

A $800 scholarship will be awarded to a student entering the field of EDUCATION. The student must be planning to teach in a classroom.

-Must provide current photo

-Fill out simple application: it asks for rank, ACT, involvement in school, church and community activities, grades, etc.

(Go to > Scholarship Opportunities for application form)

-Submit OFFICIAL HS Transcript with raised seal. (***Must have official raised seal!)

-Attach 300 word letter about yourself etc.

 Deadline: February 15

SENEARSP Application

Please return the application with all attachments, by the Deadline, to:
Trudy Fankhauser
P.O Box 622
Humboldt, NE 68376


Nebraska Rural Community Schools Association (NRCSA) offering 2 scholarships in 2023:
1 for Education majors; one male, one female
1 for a Fine Arts major

(1) The NRCSA Scholarship for the field of Education:
Eligibility Requirements:

- Must be planning on attending a 4-year public or private college/university in NEBRASKA

- Must be planning to enter the field of Education, i.e. becoming a teacher or other related occupation, such as counselor or media specialist

- Must have a 3.5 GPA or higher 

- Must have an ACT Composite score of 20 or higher. 

* FCHS can only submit 1 Male & 1 Female application for this scholarship.

 Only one female and one male application per school will be accepted for the NRCSA Scholarships. If you believe you meet the eligibility requirements, stop by the guidance office. 


(2) The Gary Fisher Fine Arts Scholarship:
Eligibility Requirements:

- Must be planning on attending a 4-year public or private college/university in NEBRASKA

- Must excel in fine arts and plan to major in fine arts in college

-FCHS can only submit 1 application for this scholarship.


Only one application per school will be accepted for the Gary Fisher Fine Arts Scholarship.

If you believe you meet the eligibility requirements, stop by the guidance office.

Therefore, forms can be filled out electronically, but a hard copy must be submitted to the high school guidance office by JANUARY 27. Only school officials, are allowed to mail the NRCSA Scholarship Applications.

 Applications for both scholarships can only be submitted by school officials only and not individual students.

YOU cannot mail in your own application.

Applications must be submitted to the high school guidance office JANUARY 27 

All applications from a school are rejected if these rules are violated.

 Selection for both scholarships will be based on quality/neatness of application, academic achievement, level of involvement in school/community activities, student goals, financial need, leadership, initiative and character.

 DEADLINE: FCHS Entries must be postmarked by the school, by February 3, 2023 therefore you must have your application submitted to the HS Guidance Office by JANUARY 27. **The directions on the actual scholarship applications will tell you to submit it to Tim Heckenlively by
Feb 3…however all applications must be printed off and returned to the HS Guidance Office by JAN 27 since each NRCSA Member school can only turn in ONE Male & ONE Female application for the “Education” scholarship and ONE application for the Gary Fisher Fine Arts scholarship.

 Scholarship Application forms are available on-line at Forms can be filled out electronically, but a hard copy must be submitted to the HS Guidance Office.