Scholarship Opportunities

Read each scholarship opportunity that is posted. If you meet the criteria, download the forms from the included website links. Stop by the counseling office if you have any questions about all that is posted here. Above all....MEET THE DEADLINES!

Horatio Alger

Horatio Alger Association Scholarships: 4 types of scholarships

State Scholarships, Career & Technical Scholarships, Targeted Scholarships & National Scholarships

 As one of the nation's largest need-based college scholarship programs, the Horatio Alger Scholarship Programs specifically assist high school students who have faced and overcome great obstacles in their young lives. While many programs are directed primarily to recognizing academic achievement or leadership potential, the Horatio Alger Association seeks students who have exhibited determination, integrity, and perseverance in overcoming adversity, as well as have critical financial need. The State & National Scholarships are for high school juniors who meet the eligibility criteria.

For Applications & Information on the 4 types of scholarships, go to: Horatio Alger Scholarships


Kobza Dental PC Scholarship

Kobza Dental, PC and Dr. Travis Kobza are pleased to offer scholarships in the amount

of $500 to graduating seniors in Falls City, Nebraska.

 We encourage any senior with plans to continue their education to apply.

 Senior applicants are asked to submit a typewritten, double-spaced, two page essay

on ONE of the following subjects:

1. How I have made a difference in someone’s life.

2. How I have made a difference in my community.

3. How I can make a difference in the world.

 Students should also submit a resume as a separate document which should include:

1. An objective regarding future area(s) of study and which institution you plan to attend.

2. A personal history of background, accomplishments in school, academics, volunteer opportunities and extra curricular activities

3. Submit a photo with your application for use on Facebook & Instagram should a scholarship be awarded.

Application instructions: Complete the application form, attach the essay and resume

(as word documents or PDF) and email to:

Please note, applications must be in our email by NOON on April 14, 2023.

No late or incomplete entries will be considered.

Kobza Dental Application

5estimates Scholarship

We are excited to announce their bi-annual $1,000 scholarship opportunity is now open to Falls City Senior High graduating seniors who have been accepted to a college, university, or trade school.

 The upcoming deadline to apply is January 31, 2023, and the winner will be selected by February 10th, with the disbursement of awards by February 28th.

 We also have a July Award.
We ask that you kindly make your students aware of this opportunity and share a link on your website.

All details and privacy statements can be found at


The deadline to enter is January 31, 2023.

 The winner will be selected by February 10th, annually Disbursement of awards by February 28th, annually


The deadline to enter is July 30, 2023.

The winner will be selected by August 10th, annually Disbursement of awards by August 31st, annually

Please note that there are NO FEES required to apply for this program.

We never share student information with any 3rd parties.

We will not need social security number, birth date, or any personally identifiable information.

There are NO FEES required to apply for this program.

No minimum GPA is required.

Domestic, international, and undocumented students may apply.

All students may apply. Studies in all fields are accepted.  


Easton J Vonderschmidt Memorial Scholarship
2023 Value:  $500 – Non-Renewable

Easton was a 16-yr old, incoming Junior at Falls City Sacred Heart, when he tragically died in a car accident in July 2017. Easton was an outstanding young man, with a bright future, who exemplified many qualities, largely character.  Easton’s character was quite distinctive to him.  He was known to be respectful in any situation.  He showed compassion towards others, and had great faith and integrity.  He was sincere, had self-control, and perseverance.  He never gave up, and was always loyal to his friends and family.  Aside from character, Easton participated in many school activities such as football, basketball, track, Helping Hands, Publications, and youth group.  He maintained a 3.6 GPA, and was an active member and altar boy at Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church.  Easton gave back to his community he so loved by coaching summer recreation ball teams, co-teaching summer bible school, and volunteering at many activities in town.  He loved to be a part of many activities and organizations, and was elected Class Treasurer for his upcoming Junior year.

Easton was the oldest of four children, having two sisters, and a brother.  Family values were extremely important to him, as well as being a role model for his three younger siblings.  He strived to be someone they looked up to and respected.  Even though he was entering his Junior year of high school, he never tired of spending time with his family.  From Easter Egg hunts, to pumpkin patches, to movie outings, he was there, because family was so very important to him.

 Students will be judged on the following components:

1)      Character – Obtain two letters of recommendation.  One from a teacher who can attest to your character.  One from a coach, principal, boss, etc., but outside the classroom, who knows your character well.

2)     Family Values – Please tell us a little about your immediate family, and what family means to you.

3)     Academics – Please attach a copy of your transcript showing your grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

4)     School Activities – On a separate sheet of paper, please list your school activities in the following two areas:  Non-athletic and Athletic (include the number of years of participation)

5)     Leadership/Service – On a separate sheet of paper, please list your community activities, service projects, and organizations in which you have participated, with an approximate amount of time, as well as detailing your job and/or contribution to the activity/organization.

6)     Essay – Write a short essay, approximately 200-400 words, on what character is to you, and how your character will affect your ability to succeed after high school.

7)     A Senior attending Falls City High School.

8)     Registered to attend a two-year or four-year college or university, or a trade school (the award will be given following the first proven semester, trimester, or quarter of academic performance).

9)     Complete the attached application.

10)    Applications are being accepted now and need to be turned in no later than Thursday, March 31, 2023.

**This award is given to one Senior who best exemplifies the qualities of character, academics, service, family values, and leadership during their time in high school as Easton did.  This student should demonstrate the ability to succeed post high school.  The recipient will be chosen by an anonymous two-judge panel whom are business members in the community.

Easton Vonderschmidt Application


Genoa Indian School Foundation Wolfe Family Scholarship

The Native American students who attended the Genoa U.S. Indian School from 1884 to 1934 contributed to the history of Genoa, the state of Nebraska, and the United States through their presence, language, and culture. In recognition of the contributions of these students, the Genoa U.S. Indian School Foundation and the children of Dale and Alice Wolfe will now offer a $2,000.00 college scholarship to a descendant of a former Genoa U.S. Indian School student.   Former student, Dale Wolfe, member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, realized the value of education at a young age and continued his pursuit of education to become a Research Engineer with Boeing at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.  In providing this scholarship it is our privilege and an honor to assist Genoa U.S. Indian School descendants in their pursuit of a higher education.

Students may obtain an application on line at or by writing to the Genoa Indian School Foundation at PO Box 382, Genoa NE 68640, or by contacting me via e-mail at and by noting “scholarship” in the subject line.  Please share this with any Genoa U. S. Indian School Native American descendant who you feel would like to compete for this scholarship. The application submission deadline is June 15th of every year prior to the scholarship being awarded for the upcoming fall semester.  If you have additional questions about the scholarship, feel free to call me at (308) 991-5360. Please encourage students to provide a thorough application and at least one reference letter from a teacher or employer.

Deadline is June 15


The Julie D. Bauman CPA Scholarship

You are about to start the next exciting journey of your life, and that is such a big accomplishment. First and foremost, we want to congratulate you, and let you know how proud your family, community, and school are of you and the Class of 2023. At Julie D. Bauman, CPA P.C., we value lifelong learning, growth, creativity, community, and passion. With that, we would love to offer two $1,000 scholarships to two students in the surrounding Nebraska counties (Richardson, Pawnee, Johnson, Nemaha, and Otoe) that are pursuing a bachelors or associates degree in the following academic year (2023 - 2024).

 To be considered for the award you must turn in the following by March 31, 2023 by 9 pm:

·       Fill out the application form.
·       Attach your resume.
·       Answer the following questions in 4 – 6 sentences as a typed document:
o   What are 3 things that you value?
o   What motivates you?
o   Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

·       Create a vision board. This board should be a visual representation of who you are, who you want to be, and your biggest goals. This vision board is a way for you to express your creativity.

·       Make a 1:30 – 3:00 minute video of you describing why you put the things on your vision board. You will upload it to YouTube as unlisted, and then copy the link to your email when you send in your application.

You will email a PDF format of your application form, resume, and question responses. You will attach the picture of your vision board and the link to your video on to your email. All of these should be emailed to by March 31, 2023 by 9 pm

 After March 31, 2023, a panel will review the applications and choose our top 5 finalists based on the following criteria:
·       Creativity and Personal Touch
·       Written and Verbal Communication
·       Involvement and Community Service

 After the top 5 finalists have been chosen, each finalist will be interviewed to determine the winners of the scholarship. Applicants will be notified via email on the status of their application by April 2 2023 . Interviews will be held from April 28th thru 30th via zoom, and a time will be coordinated that works best with your schedule and schedule of the panel.

 After the panel has interviewed all finalists, the winner will be chosen by the following criteria:
·       Professionalism
·       Communication
·       Attitude

 Any questions, please email

Attached is the application form, scoring rubrics, and checklist.

Bauman Application & Rubrics


Richard & Marilyn Guilliams Trust Scholarship

The Richard and Marilyn Guilliams Trust will be awarding two $1,000.00 scholarships to graduating seniors from Falls City High School in the spring of 2023.  One will be given to a male and one to a female who plan to continue their education in any two year or four year accredited college or university.

 Preference will be given to students who competed in at least two sports per year of high school and have at least a 3.0 grade point average.  Other considerations will be involvement in community, church, and other school activities.

 The deadline for this application is Monday, April 17, 2023, and all completed applications should be returned to the Guidance Counselor by that date.  The winner will be notified as soon as the selection is made.

Guilliams Trust Application


John H. Morehead Memorial Scholarship

The family of John H. Morehead is pleased to announce a scholarship in the amount of $5,000 to a current college student who is planning to continue his or her education at a four-year college or university for the 2023-2024 school year.

The requirements for the scholarship are as follows:

1.  The applicant must be a graduate of a Richardson County High School. 

2.  The applicant must be currently enrolled in a 4-year college or university. 

3.  The applicant must have a cumulative college GPA of at least 3.0, having completed the first year of study at the chosen 4-year college.

4.  Graduate students are not eligible. 

5.  The applicant is required to submit all application materials by June 10, 2023.

The scholarship shall be awarded based on the following criteria:

1.  The student has proven that he or she is capable of hard work and sustained achievement through academics, work history, and involvement in activities and organizations. 

2.  The students’ goals regarding college and life after college show evidence of good character, sound ambition, and service to others. 

Application must be typewritten, signed, and dated. Please submit the following:

1. Application form. 

2. Completed essay questions. 

3. Copy of high school transcript. 

4. Unofficial copy of college/university transcript (notify the school to send official copy when it becomes available). 

5. Character letter of recommendation (completed by pastor, priest, employer, scout leader or other, but not a family member). 

6. Educator’s letter of recommendation. 

The scholarship application is available in the Falls City High School, Sacred Heart School, and HTRS Public Schools guidance counselor offices, or by emailing Kristine Hansen-Cain at

Please mail completed application to:
Kristine Hansen-Cain

6227 Underwood Ave.

Omaha, NE 68132

JH Morehead Application



The Falls City Tiger Booster Club is awarding up to eight scholarships divided equally between boys and girls. Up to four Boys and four Girls will receive awards. A $400 scholarship is awarded to one boy and one girl for outstanding athletic and academic achievement. And up to six, $300 scholarships are awarded equally to boys and girls.

Eligible athletes must be seniors graduating from Falls City High this spring. They must have participated in Athletics at the Varsity level, and be in good standing with their school. Applicants currently out for a spring sport: that sport is considered complete as far as this award is concerned. Applicants must plan to enter a post-secondary school such as a College or University, Junior College, or Community College as a freshman. Most Technical schools will qualify. Applicants entering the Active Military are eligible for their award after completing their military service or tour of duty. Members of Active Reserve or National Guard may receive their award while on active reserve status and attending a post-secondary school. For athletes to receive their award from the Falls City Tiger Booster Club, they must present the club a certificate of admission from their school.

 There is a 2-page application... ABSOLUTELY NO ATTACHMENTS OF ANY KIND, ALLOWED.

Deadline: April 14

FC Booster Application



 Two scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each are awarded annually to students who are graduating from a high school in Richardson County, Nebraska or State Approved Home School. Scholarships will be awarded to those entering a two or four year college with a declared major in the healthcare field. Scholarship winners will be eligible to renew the scholarship for one (1) additional year if they maintain a 3.0 GPA and retain a healthcare major.

Applications should be completed and returned to Community Medical Center, Attn. Human Resources, PO Box 399, Falls City, NE 68355, by April 3, 2023.

CMC Application


Eastern Star Scholarship $500

Presented by the Local Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star

This scholarship will be awarded to FCHS and/or HTRS high school seniors, who plan to attend any formal training beyond high school including; vocational, technical, career schools, 2-year community college or 4-year college/university; who best exemplify good citizenship, involvement in their community & school and are of high moral character.

Deadline: April 15

Eastern Star Application



This scholarship will be awarded to students who have graduated from high school in Richardson County, who are entering a four-year college. Two scholarships, each in the amount of $1700.00 will be awarded, one to a student who intends to major in Agriculture and one to a student who intends to major in Business, both of whom are graduating seniors from a high school in Richardson County.

Applications should be completed and returned to:
Frontier Bank/Scholarship
1616 Harlan Street
Falls City, NE 68355

 Deadline: April 1

Frontier Bank Application


Tanner Shelby Merz Memorial Scholarships

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering six (6) Tanner Shelby Merz Memorial

Scholarships. These scholarships will be awarded to graduating seniors: $500.00 scholarship to one male and one female from Falls City High School, $300.00 scholarship to one male and one

female from Falls City High School and one $500.00 scholarship and one $300.00 scholarship to a male or female from Falls City Sacred Heart.

 The scholarships will be awarded to seniors planning on attending a college, university, community college or vocational school to pursue their education.

Academic qualification, work ethic, attitude, ambition, integrity, leadership abilities and sportsmanship will be considered in selecting the scholarship winners along with “financial need.” Special attention will be given to the “financial need” of the applicant and will not necessarily be based on class rank or ACT scores.

 Interested seniors need to fill out a scholarship application form available through the Falls City

High School’s website,, or the Guidance Counselor’s Office. Completed applications should be returned to the Guidance Counselor by March 31, 2023.

TSMerz Application


Falls City Partners in Education 2022-2023 Scholarship Program

Falls City Partners in Education (P.I.E.) will be awarding two (2) $500 scholarships to graduating seniors of the Falls City High School Class of 2023. Applications are due no later than April 14, 2023.

 Program Guidelines & Priorities:

● Applicant should be a graduating senior of the current class of FCHS.

● Applicant must plan to attend a trade school, two (2)-year community college, or four (4)-year college or university.

● Applications can be obtained from the High School Guidance Counselor or on the Falls City Public School website and returned to the counselor by April 14, 2023. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

● Applications will be reviewed by the current active P.I.E. board members.

● Recipients will be awarded at the 2023 Awards Night.

● Scholarship will be dispersed upon proof of enrollment to your college institution 

P.I.E. Application


James M. Cox Foundation Scholarship

 APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: In order to be considered for a scholarship award, you must: 

1. Reside in Nebraska, with special consideration given to students residing in the eastern one-third of the state;

2. Demonstrate financial need;

3. Demonstrate a likelihood of academic success in chosen field of study;

4. Attend a Nebraska-based institution of higher learning;

5. Complete and sign the Application;

6. Include a certified copy of your high school transcript;

7. Include two letters of recommendation from instructors, advisors or counselors; and

8. Include an educational commitment essay of no more than 1 page relating to the impact of a higher education on your permanent career objectives.

9. Other factors, obstacles or extenuating circumstances of the family such as financial burden, medical expenses, death of a parent, and/or disabilities factor into the decision making process. 

Mail all items with postmark on or before April 15, to: Steve Otto James M. Cox Foundation 1500 Kingston Road Lincoln, NE 68506 

Cox Application


Johnny Baxter Carriage House Foundation/Auto

This scholarship program is for students interested in attending one of Nebraska's Community Colleges to study in an automotive related field. $1500

1. must be planning to attend a Nebraska Community College in the fall

2. applicant must plan to enroll in an automotive related course of study

3. must submit one teacher letter of recommendation, describing applicant’s aptitude & attitude

4. an interview and a reference letter from a New Car Dealer is given additional consideration

5. must submit a cover letter attached to application form indicating his/her interest in the automotive field and their plan for technical training.

6.  must include HS Transcript

 DEADLINE: By APRIL 7 applicant must have met the above criteria and submission of application to Carriage House Foundation no later than April 7

Johnny Baxter Carriage House Application


The Beverly Crofford Memorial Scholarship

 The Beverly Crofford Memorial Scholarship was created on behalf of my late mother-in-law. On April 20, 2018, Beverly was diagnosed with stage 4 single cell sarcoma. By July 6, 2018 she was gone. As a family, we wanted to represent and carry on the memory of this magnificent woman. Beverly was a woman of many talents. She always worked hard at what she wanted to accomplish. Beverly believed in working hard, taking care of her family, and putting other people first. For many years, Beverly worked in the office as a purchasing agent at Woodings Verona. From there she went on to be employed at Great Western Bank. After 15 years of service, she retired for health reasons. Beverly always believed in theunderdog and the hard work it takes to make a living. Every job is important and education is key.

 This year, our family is offering two $500 scholarships in her memory.  One will go to a student attending any trade school/technical/community college and one to a student pursuing a career in nursing/healthcare/medical field.

Return your completed Application, Transcript & One Page Summary to Ms. Barker by April 27

Beverly Crofford Application


The Balanced Man Scholarship; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Nebraska Alpha Chapter

The University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Nebraska Alpha Chapter, is offering a scholarship opportunity for incoming male students. The Balanced Man Scholarship is a way to recognize and award those who embrace a lifestyle reflecting Sigma Phi Epsilon’s cardinal principles - those showing virtue, diligence, and brotherly love. This scholarship is not limited to those interested in greek life. All well-rounded individuals are strongly encouraged to apply. Four $1000 scholarships will be rewarded. The application process consists of a few short essay questions followed by a short interview with our scholarship team. 

The scholarship can be found:

red cross

American Red Cross Bloodmobile Scholarship

You must be a senior planning to attend any accredited college in the Fall and have worked to promote the success of the Falls City High School Blood Drive either PRIOR TO and/or DURING our most recent Blood Drive this past January;  i.e. Calling Prospective Donors, Publicity Duties, Registration Table, Brought your 2 dozen cookies/bars for the Canteen, Worked the Canteen, Escort, Helped Unload Bloodmobile vans, Stayed after school to help Load Bloodmobile vans…Stayed to Clean-Up, and/OR have worked one of the Community/Summer Blood Drives within the past year. Fill out the form on the website.

Deadline: March 30

American Red Cross Scholarship


Brantley John Witt Memorial Scholarship

We are pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Brantley John Witt Memorial Scholarship.

We will be awarding 2 scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each to two graduating seniors who plan to continue their education at either a two year or four year institution in the fall of 2023.

The scholarships are for one year and are nonrenewable. The scholarship will be made out to the college, with one half of the total being dispersed before the 1st  semester and the second half being dispersed before the 2nd semester.

Applicant must be a student at Falls City Public Schools, Falls City Sacred Heart, or HTRS. Please attach a copy of you high school transcript with the application.

You may hand deliver to:

Merz Farm Equipment – 110 W. 35th St.  Falls City, NE  68355

or Mail to:  Nicole Witt  - 508 E 22nd St. Falls City, NE 68355

 Deadline: April 5

BJW Application


Falls City Lions Club Scholarship

Orris C. Hatch Memorial, 2 scholarships, $1000 each.

This scholarship will assist a graduating senior who plans to attend:




MEDICAL or NURSING related 2-year programs (e.g., LPN, radiation technology etc.)

 Basis of selection is:

1/3 scholastic achievement

1/3 financial need and economic circumstances of applicant as expressed in application

1/3 on: extra-curricular involvement in high school, involvement in church and community activities & content of written letter/application to the committee.

DEADLINE: April 21- to guidance counselor’s office.

FC Lions Club Application