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Falls City



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District 56 School Board

The District 56 School Board meets in the Central Office at 7:00 P.M. on the second Monday of every month.

Pictured are members of the District 56 School Board and the Superintendent, left to right: Kevin Scheitel, Ed Harris, Scott Hollens, June Bowers, Richard Malcolm, John Martin, and Superintendent Tim Heckenlively

The board has achieved the NASB recognition with the President's Award in 2014 and an Outstanding Board of Education in 1996-97, 1997-98, 1999-2000, 2001-02, 2002-03, 20707-08, 2010-11, 2012-13. This award is based upon the accumulation by individual board members of points for involvement in board member activities in addition to local board responsibilities and leadership.

The current board members are the following:

President Scott Hollens (shollens@fallscityps.org) - has served 11 year

Vice-President Kevin Schietel (kschietel@fallscityps.org) - has served 2 year

Ed Harris (eharris@fallscityps.org) - has served 29 years

John Martin (jmartin@fallscityps.org) - has served 13 years

Richard Malcolm (rmalcolm@fallscityps.org) - served 5 years

June Bowers (jbowers@fallscityps.org) - has served 5 years

District 56 School Board Presidents and Vice-Presidents
Reorganization January of Each Year


Year President Vice-President
2019 Scott Hollens Kevin Scheitel
2018 June Bowers Scott Hollens
2017 Richard Malcom June Bowers
2016 Scott Huppert Richard Malcolm
2015 Ed Harris Scott Huppert
2014 John Martin Ed Harris
2013 Scott Hollens John Martin
2012 Scott Huppert Scott Hollens
2011 Ed Harris Scott Huppert
2010 John Martin Ed Harris
2009 Kathy Bartek John Martin
2008 Ed Harris Kathy Bartek
2007 Ralph Huettner Ed Harris
2006 David Sickel Roy Reischick
2005 Kathy Bartek David Sickel
2004 Ralph Huettner Jim Wisdom
2003 Ed Harris Kathy Bartek
2002 Roy Rieschick Ed Harris
2001 David Sickel Roy Rieschick
2000 Jim Wisdom David Sickel
1999 Kathy Bartek Jim Wisdom
1998 Ralph Huettner Kathy Bartek
1997 Ralph Huettner Kathy Bartek
1996 Ralph Huettner Kathy Bartek
1995 Ralph Huettner Kathy Bartek
1994 Ed Harris Kathy Bartek
1993 Ed Harris Kathy Bartek
1992 Ralph Huettner Kathy Bartek
1991 Ralph Huettner Kathy Bartek
1990 Ralph Huettner Vernon Buckminster
1989 Ralph Huettner Vernon Buckminster
1988 Steve Brott Leon Sailors
1987 Steve Brott Ralph Huettner
1986 Terry Brennan Steve Brott
1985 John Parrish Tom Burton
1984 Richard Malcolm John Parrish
1983 Tom Burton Richard Malcolm
1982 Harold Sutter Mike Castle
1981 Fred Brewer Harold Sutter
1979 Ken Coonce Don Ankrom