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School Board Agenda

Agenda for the Board of Education Meeting, 6:05 PM, Monday, September 14, 2020 at the Central Office at Falls City Middle School

             The agenda sequence is provided as a courtesy. The board reserves the right to consider items in the sequence it deems appropriate. Therefore, we encourage patrons to attend the meeting from the beginning.

1.0 Business Items:

                        1.1 Roll Call, Open Meetings Act Notice, and Pledge of Allegiance

                        1.2 Approval of Absences

                        1.3 Verification of Advanced Publication

                        1.4 Approval of Agenda

                        1.5 Approval of Previous Minutes

                        1.6 Audiences

            1.7 Approval of Treasurer’s Report

1.8 Approval of Claims


2.0 Informational Items/Reports:

                        2.1 Staff/Student/Organization Showcase:

2.2 Principal’s Reports:

                        2.3 Board President’s Report:

                        2.4 Superintendent’s Report:

                                    2.4a Legislative & Organization Update

                                    2.4b Building and Grounds Update

            2.4c Continuous School Improvement & Strategic Plan Report

2.4d Policy Planning

2.4e Negotiations Planning

2.4f Student Enrollment

            2.4g Superintendent Meetings

            2.4h Board Member Meetings

            2.4i Other

                        2.5 Board Committee/Member Reports:


3.0 Old/New Action Items:

                        3.1 Budget of Disbursements, Receipts, and Transfers for 2020-2021

                        3.2 Property Tax Request Resolution for 2020-2021

                        3.3 Determination of Early Separation Incentive Applications for 2020-2021

                        3.4 Final Reading on Policy Reviews and Revisions

                        3.5 Capacity Resolution 2020-2021

                        3.6 Loan Modification / Extension Agreement

                        3.7 Other


4.0 Executive Session: Requested by member, approved by majority, as per statute


5.0 Adjournment and Next Meetings: The next regular monthly Board of Education meeting is scheduled for October 12, 2020 at 7:00 P.M. in the Central Office in Falls City Middle School. Regular and special meeting agendas are kept in the Office of the Superintendent. Board Committee meetings TBD.