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District 56 School Board
Meeting Procedures

Meeting Procedures of the Board of Education
Falls City Public Schools
District No. 56
Falls City, NE  68355

This has been developed to help the public attending a meeting of the Board of Education to understand the internal operation of the Board.

We are pleased that you care about our school and want to learn firsthand of the decisions affecting the education of our youth. Each member of the staff and Board of Education is interested in hearing your ideas and suggestions.

If you have a questions, concern, or criticism about the operation or your school, the members of the Board encourage you to contact the individual closest to the situation, your child’s teacher. If the problem is not resolved after conferring with the teacher, a conference with the building principal is the next step in the chain of command. If further appeal is necessary, the problem should be presented to the Superintendent of Schools. The Board of Education will hear appeals only on those complaints which have been through the aforementioned levels of the chain of command.

State law regarding open meetings and public participation shall be followed.


Regular meetings of the Board will be held on the second Monday of the month at the Central Office. Special meetings may be called by the President, or by two Board members with notice to all members. All meetings will be duly advertised as required by law. The minutes of regular and special board meetings can be found in the Falls City Journal, the newspaper of record, and on the Falls City Public School website.


An agenda with appropriate enclosures will be prepared and mailed to each board member by the Superintendent. These should reach the members of the Board sufficiently in advance of the meeting to allow adequate time for study and review.

The agenda for each regular and special meeting shall be kept current and available in the Superintendent’s office. A board packet including the agenda and back up materials provided for each board member will be available to the public during each meeting.

The agenda is closed at 5:00 P.M. on Friday prior to the regular Board meetings. The agenda may be amended, including items of an emergency nature, by a majority vote of the Board at the official meeting.

Agendas are also posted on the FCPS website.

By a majority vote, the Board of Education may hold Executive Sessions of the Board during any meeting for reasons provided in statute. No official action may be taken while the board is in Executive Session, and only persons authorized by the Board may attend these sessions.

Nebraska Law provides Executive Sessions may be held for, not not limited to:

1. Protection of Public interest or prevention of individual harm
2. Litigation, personnel
3. Negotiations
4. Bid planning

The Superintendent of Schools shall attend all meetings, except that portion of a meeting where the Superintendent’s own employment is under consideration.

The policies, rules and regulations of the Board may be amended, suspended or altered at any regular or special meeting of the Board if circumstances warrant and so approved b y a majority vote of the quorum present. Policy review occurs annually.

Members of the public will be allowed to address the Board concerning agenda items. The Board President will limit speaking as necessary to conduct an orderly business meeting. Any patrion wishing to be placed on the agenda to address the Board should contact the Superintendent by the Friday deadline in advance of the meeting and state the topic to be addressed.


In even numbered years, three members are elected at the general election for four years. All members are elected at large.

The Board, while composed of six individuals, acts officially only as a group. No one member, person, or group of persons acts in the name of the Board except when authorized by the majority of the Board to do so.

The Board has complete and final control over school matters subject to limitations imposed by statutes, court decisions, the Nebraska Department of Education, and Federal mandates.

All Board meetings are open to the public except executive sessions. All action muyst be taken in open session.

There are 3 standing committees: Policy, Projects, and Negotiations; and one commttee of the whole: Americanism.

The Board of Education believes it is important to work together directly to meet the needs and interests of our youth. Experience has proven that this is the most effective approach to the solution of problems and concerns.


Ed Harris, President

Scott Huppert, Vice President

John Martin, Member

Scott Hollens, Member

June Bowers, Member

Richard Malcolm, Member