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Falls City

Falls City High School


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Falls City High School Academics

Graduation requirements for students at Falls City High School are 260 semester hours. A maximum of 40 semester hours of physical education will count toward graduation, and a maximum of 80 semester hours of physical education and/or music will count toward graduation. Students who fail to meet graduation requirements will not be allowed to participate in commencement exercises.

The number of classes each student is to be enrolled in each semester will be determined by the building principal. 

The following are required for graduation:

Hours Class/Department
40 English/Communications (must include English I and English II
30 Math - students should have taken Algebra II or Geometry B/C by the end of their junior year; students must have passed and received credit for one of these two classes to meet graduation requirements
30 Science - 30 credits of science will be required
30 Social studies (must include 10 hours of world studies - freshman year, 10 hours of American history - junior year, and 10 hours of American government or civics)
10 Physical education (must include 5 hours of PE/Health - freshman year)
5 Computer Applications - freshman year

Students will receive letter grades on report cards and transcripts. A grade of incomplete at the end of a grading period must be made up in two weeks or it will result in a grade of "F."

The following grading scale will be used to assign a letter grade and to determine grade point averages:

97 - 100 A+ = 4.0   81 - 84 C+ = 2.5
93 - 96 A = 4.0   77 - 80 C = 2.0
89 - 92 B+ = 3.5   73 - 76 D+ = 1.5
85 - 88 B - 3.0   70 - 72 D = 1.0
69 and below   F = 0.0

Some classes may modify this grading scale to meet the needs of identified special need students. This will be done on an individual basis and a modified grade will be identified on transcripts.

A weighted grading scale has been established for the following advanced classes:

Accounting II Advanced Chemistry Advanced Math
Anatomy/Physiology Chemistry I Civics
College American History College Calculus College English
College Statistics/Probability Mobile Apps & Design Physics
Psychology Sociology Spanish III and IV

The following grading scale will be used for the weighted classes:

97 - 100 A+ = 4.0   75 - 79 C+ = 2.5
90 - 96 A = 4.0   70 - 74 C = 2.0
85 - 89 B+ = 3.5   65 - 69 D+ = 1.5
80 - 84 B = 3.0   60 - 64 D = 1.0
59 and below   F = 0.0

The Honor Roll is a list of students who the school honors at the end of each quarter and at the end of each semester of outstanding achievement. To qualify for the Orange and Black Honor Roll, a student must have a quarter/semester G.P.A. of 3.85 or higher and have no more than one "C" and no "D's" or "F's." To qualify for the regular Honor Roll, a student must have a quarter/semester G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher and have no more than one "C" and no "D's" or "F's."

Students who demonstrate outstanding achievement and commitment toward educational excellence will receive an Academic Letter. Students must meet the following criteria to qualify for an Academic Letter: 1) the student must be named to the first, second, and third quarter Honor Roll, and 2) the student cannot miss more than nine days of school during the current school year (exceptions may be made due to days missed for hospitalization and/or prolonged illness).