Dear FCPS Parents,

We have certainly witnessed an uptick in positive COVID-19 cases over the past week which is demonstrated throughout the SEDHD risk dials. Based on information from the SEDHD, the spread is in the community and our cases are related to outside events and gatherings primarily. As a school district, we are continuing to follow our established safety protocols and will be working through enhanced safety measures in order to keep our schools functional and in operation. As of now, the school district will NOT be immediately transitioning to a hybrid model of instruction or altering the school day/times. However, if it is determined there is an instance of community spread within the school, we are working closely with SEDHD in making decisions that impact school.

This information makes it more important that we keep looking for ways to social distance better.  This seems to be the saving grace when looking at who needs to quarantine. That and masking.  We have had several students be able to come to school and self monitor because they have chosen to wear a mask.  Those who are not wearing one are automatically sent home to quarantine.  Please monitor your student for fever and symptoms of  COVID-19 prior to coming to school and at night.  Do not send them to school if you suspect they could have  COVID-19.  Most students we are sending home that are testing positive have an elevated temperature and headache.  They are not experiencing a temp over 100.4F or other major symptoms.

The new DHM defines a school age individual as someone who is 5-18 years of age or are attending K-12 educational services.  If you would like a handout showing the scenarios for masking, here is one from NDE that doesn't include any ages or grades.  This means if you have a preschool aged child that is identified as a close contact they don't have the option to self monitor for 14 days, they will have to quarantine for 14 days from the last point of contact.  Also; the mask /no mask guidance for self-monitoring vs. quarantine only applies in the school setting.  The self-monitoring option when both parties are masked does not apply when the exposure occurs outside of school; those close contacts would have to quarantine. 

Remember: If you are symptomatic try to isolate yourself immediately.  This prevents transmission and decreases the days someone else has to quarantine.  Quarantine days do not start until the sick individual stops coming in contact with you.

Self monitoring- This is what you have to do if both parties are wearing a mask.  You monitor for symptoms (Fever 100.4F, cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, chest pain, headache, sore throat, fatigue and/or loss of taste/smell) two times a day, get to come to school, and if ANY one symptom comes up you stay home, isolate, and call your doctor.

Isolation- 10 days from the first day of symptoms for the  COVID-19 positive individual.

Quarantine- 14 days from the last contact of the  COVID-19 positive person.  This could turn into isolation if you become symptomatic.  Then you add 10 days from the beginning of symptoms.

Southeast Nebraska Risk Dials

Falls City Public Schools COVID-19 Guidelines

Thank you for doing your part to help our community stop the spread.

Jenny Helmick RN
Falls City Public School Nurse
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