Falls City Middle School Orange Covid Plan

With the spike in Covid 19 cases in Richardson County the Falls City Public Schools will be enacting enhanced safety measures.  The following are changes that pertain to Falls City Middle School.  We are highlighting only the changes that will go into place on Monday November 16th.  

  1. All staff, students and visitors will be required to wear a mask upon entry into the building and continue to use the mask or face covering until they exit the building.  (Mask breaks may be utilized if a 6 foot distance can be maintained between individual with teacher permission)
  2. The district is purchasing dividers for circular lunch tables since students can not utilize facial protection during lunch.  Students will be placed at non circular table with enhanced social distancing.
  3. Parents are highly encouraged to not bring students to school until 8:00AM if students are not eating breakfast.  School does not officially start until 8:07.  Students in the building for no reason only add to the risk unnecessarily.  
  4. Parents are encouraged to monitor students for symptoms and communicate with the school in the event that students show symptoms.  

We plan on continuing our day normally with these added precautions.  We have lost a lot of students to quarantine that could be in school if the students would have utilized masks.  Our goal from the beginning of the year has been to stay open, and these changes give us the best chance of weathering the storm.  Together we can make it through this crisis!


Jack Bangert Principal