FCMS Boys Basketball Socks out Diabetes

November is diabetes awareness month.  Diabetes has had a direct impact on Falls City Middle School.  We have students who fight this disease on a daily basis.  Tate Wilcox who is an eighth grader and a member of the basketball team had his little brother diagnosed with the disease earlier this year.  Tate and his teammates wanted to bring awareness to the battle that many kids are fighting everyday against diabetes.  The basketball team decided to wear blue socks to “Sock Out Diabetes” during this season in order to create awareness about the disease in our community.  Browns Shoe Fit in Falls City along with the Community Medical Center donated the socks to the team to help with their effort.     Thank you to the FCMS boys basketball players and coaches along with Brown Shoe Fit and the Community Medical Center in helping raise awareness around this important community health topic.  

Below are some of the common symptoms associated with diabetes.