Beef Lab

On Thursday May 13th FCMS in conjunction with UNL extension educators Katylyn Kennedy and Jami Ankrom hosted the UNL mobile beef lab.  The lab contains a fistulated steer.   This is a live and healthy steer that has a removable lid that leads into its stomach.  Students were able to look into the stomach to see it contents.  Students could reach in and feel the contents. 

All the science students at FCMS visited the lab.  The FFA students from High School also came and visited the lab as well.  

Mrs. O'Brien commented, "It was cool.  I could feel the cows heartbeat."

Blake Johnson noted, "You could feel the hay and grass in there."

Jalin DePrey stated, "It was gross!"

Mr. Bangert added, "It smells like home."

Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Ankrom teach Introduction to Agriculture daily at FCMS.  Next year they will teach Introduction to Agriculture and 4H Project exploration.