Dear Falls City Public School Students, Parents, and Guardians,

Falls City administrators are aware of a current challenge being passed through different social media platforms that encourages students to engage in destructive behavior within the school.  This challenge originated on Tic Tok and students have created videos of themselves participating in this elicit behavior.  There is a new destructive challenge for each month of the school year.

Be assured that the Falls City Public School code of conduct has well defined consequences for engaging in these behaviors.  Students who violate the code of conduct will not only receive a consequence within the school that can range from suspension to expulsion, they also will be referred to law enforcement for prosecution when the action violates the law.  Most of the items in the challenge not only break school code but also break the law. 

We need parents to talk to their children and warn them of the serious consequences they face for such stunts.  It does not matter whether you’re an accomplice or the actual person committing the crime.  It is not funny or acceptable to destroy property or physically hurt someone.  As parents we ask that you please be vigilant of your students' online presence.  Parents are the front line in preventing destructive behaviors and we are asking for your help in keeping our schools clean and productive for our students.  

Thank you,

Falls City Administration