In an effort to get kids to play football the Falls City Tiger Football program is partnering with the Falls City Flag Football Organization.  Tiger Head Coach, Jack Bangert, and Falls City Flag Football president, Blake Amador, believe this partnership is a win win for both organizations.   This partnership will help build football knowledge and participation in Falls City and the surrounding communities regardless of what school players attend.  Tiger Football coaches will provide drills and coaching points for flag coaches while also providing support for the flag football players.  In return Tiger Football will have an organization supporting football in the community and teaching skills that will be used at the secondary level.  

“We are very excited about this partnership.” stated Amador.  “We are looking forward to seeing our organizations working together and helping all the kids grow and learn the sport we love.  We can’t wait for next season to start!” 

Bangert added, “Successful programs start at a young age and continue with consistent teaching and a common vocabulary as players advance in age.  We see our partnership with Falls City Flag as a crucial step in growing a true K-12 football program in our area.  If we can be a part of helping volunteer coaches teach skills and instill a love of the game in these kids then it only helps our program and our community in the years to come.”