Falls City Middle School students recently competed at the 71st Annual K-12 local art contest held at the Stalder Art Gallery.  The following students placed at the contest.

In the 8th grade category Carlea Dunkhas placed 1st and Brooklyn Denton placed 2nd.  Aleciauna Young and Taykia Hayes received Honorable Mention.

In the 7th grade category Miyuna Kong placed 2nd and Madyson Eberle 3rd.  Caitlyn McConnell and Harley Sutton both received honorable mention.  

In the 6th grade category Farah Wissler placed first and Aiyana Bledsoe placed 3rd.  Reagan McNeely received honorable mention.  

Finally, 7th grader Kyila Hollister captured best of show category K-8th grade.  Great job Kylia!  

Congratulations to all the participants and students who placed at the annual show.  The open house for the art work will be March 23rd from 3:30 to 5:00pm at the Stalder Art Gallery.