Falls City Middle School is proud to announce their fourth quarter Honors Students.  Regular Honor Roll consists of students who had a 3.5 to a 3.75 GPA and no D’s or F’s.  High Honor Roll Students had a 3.75 to a 4.0 GPA and no D’s or F’s.  The highest honor a Falls City Middle School student can receive is Titanium Tiger status.  To be a Titanium Tiger the student must have a 3.5 or higher GPA, no D’s or F’s, no discipline incidents, score at grade level on their NSCAS English Language Arts and Math test, miss 2 or less days of school (the nurse excuses any covid or doctor approved medical absences) and they must be involved in an extra-curricular activity.  Titanium Tigers have shown excellence in all areas of the Middle School experience.  Congratulations to all of our students who achieved first quarter honors!

Titanium Tigers

Kenley Alexander, Gavin Bauer, Peyton Brown, Brock Caudle, Carlea Dunkhas, Clara Feighner, Ella Glathar, Madalynn Hawley, Camden Jean, Bowdy Jones, Miyuna Kong, Malori Kuker, Ashton Martin, Ethan Morris, Brock Niedfeldt, Lathan Richey, Evie Rue, Christian Saul, Addyson Sayer, Dayton Snethen, Jazlyn Strecker, Harley Sutton, Jennifer Sweeney, Elizabeth Vice, Deacon Jacobs, Burke Wissman,

High Honor Roll

Kenley Alexander, Paxton Armbruster, Jacoby Bangert, Gavin Bauer, Peyton Brown, Orion Cattrell, Brock Caudle, Cade Caudle, Beata Clark, Wyatt Coonce, Emersyn Courtney, Emmett Daake, Carlea Dunkhas, Molly Ebel, Zavier Ebel, Madyson Eberle, Breean Eickhoff, Clara Feighner, Alykszander Finner, Kyleigh Furnas, Ella Glathar, Madalynn Hawley, Kyila Hollister, Hana Irizarry, Camden Jean, Bowdy Jones, Grant Kobza, Miyuna Kong, Malori Kuker, Elijah Leyden, Vaden Leyden, Ashton Martin, Taiylah Moore, Ethan Morris, Cooper Nelson, Brock Niedfeldt, Kaydence Rego, Lathan Richey, Evie Rue, Christian Saul, Addyson Sayer, Bradyn Schulenberg, Blakely Sells, Brayson Sells, Dayton Snethen, Jazlyn Strecker, Harley Sutton, Jennifer Sweeney, Bristol Titus, Elizabeth Vice, Gabi Young

Regular Honor Roll

Tucker Coupe, Emma Dean, Jalin DePrey, Haiden Dorste, Kiersten Harmon, Deacon Jacobs, Isabella Johansen, Ty Karpinski, Asher Kuker, Brylee Liberty, Taytum Maddox, Kenzie Mason, Addison Miller, Kinsie Riggs, Mykayla Ruiz, Carter Rumbaugh, Burke Wissman, Aleciauna Young