Book Presentation

South School fourth grade students received a special presentation from a former classmate and current author, Abigail Murphy. Abigail Murphy is a 9-year-old 4th-grade student with a soul well beyond her age. At age 1 year old, Abigail was diagnosed with Alopecia Totalis; an autoimmune disorder where white blood cells attack the hair follicles. Never knowing different Abigail embraced it to the fullest. After moving, and changing schools Abigail went toe to toe with bullying. Baldy and cue ball were names she was called regularly. Luckily for Abigail, her empathetic personality and intellectual mind combined with a 3rd-grade guardian angel teacher, Mrs. Ward, there was hope. Abigail’s goal is to educate as many people as possible, hoping that we all will look past one another’s exteriors and get to know each other from the inside.

During a zoom interview and presentation, each Falls City South Elementary fourth grader received Murphy's book. The books were purchased by P.I.E.